Accuracy helps Enterprises in modernization of their infrastructure, Software and applications. Additionally, Accuracy has deep expertise to architect, deploy, migrate and support solutions on any of the above cloud platforms or hybrid cloud (combination of On-Prem/Cloud)

SAS To PY/R/Spark Modernization

Large enterprises such as Banks and Pharmaceuticals have been using SAS for a long time with deep investments and customization. Enterprises are migrating from SAS due to several reasons, but the migration path is not straight forward. Conversion of 1000’s of code lines from SAS to Python or R makes it a complex, error-prone and resource intensive process. This deters some enterprises from embarking on SAS migration.

With deep expertise in SAS technology, Accuracy offers a holistic solution to help enterprises migrate from their SAS platforms to targeted architecture which could be Anaconda, Cloudera, Azure or Google, Amazon cloud platforms or On-Prem.

Accuracy has developed and deployed SAS migration approach, methodology and tools[1] using NLM and Python Libraries which enterprises are using to migrate to PY or R smoothly, quickly and cost effectively. Additionally, Accuracy also offers professional services to help enterprises cutting down on time, resources, and complexity.


Data Platform Modernization

Enterprises use various data platforms to manage their big data needed. These platforms help enterprises store, process, and analyse their data needs. Accuracy helps enterprises in modernizing their data platforms used for big data analytics. As an example, Accuracy delivered several Map-R modernization engagements for enterprises. Oracle to SQL, Oracle to Postgres, Data stage (ETL) to ADF, Talend to ADF

Analytics Modernization

Tableau or Qlick to Power BI or any legacy-custom built analytics to power BI


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