Automation With AI & ML Solutions

Combining AI-ML, Gen AI with variety of technologies, Accuracy assists Enterprises in automating their entire business and operations. Listed here are examples of different areas where Accuracy helped Enterprises in automation.

Process/Workflow Automation

Enterprises uses a variety of resources such as CRM’s, documents (PDF, word, excel) and other reports or databases (Warranty claims, customer tickets, induction reports etc). There is huge opportunity to automate tasks involved in populating, maintaining, monitoring and analysis. Accuracy uses various technologies include AI to automate the assembling of data from these various repositories, transforming, indexing, mining it to provide insights. Some of the areas where Accuracy automated workflow are Customer Services involving Event Handling, Ticket Resolution etc.

Service Automation

Service automation is an area where Enterprises can reap tremendous benefits by automating services of repeatable nature. These could be simple services such as sending proposals, contract renewals, design etc. Accuracy can assist an Enterprise’s end-end business and operations and identify services to be automated in a phased manner. Accuracy delivers be-spoke solutions to automate services. As an example, Accuracy automated the entire design of a Fibre Network for a telecom provider covering high level and low-level designs. This led to an initial savings of 70% and by continuous learning and improvement in knowledge base, the savings increased to 90%.

Robotic Process Automation

Using Metaphorical software robots or AI digital workers can reduce dependence on manpower for tasks of a repeated nature. Accuracy using enterprise grade software and open-source RPA libraries to develop digital workers tailored to specific needs of enterprises.