Accuracy team providing implementation services to achieve the goal of accurately forecasting the requests by taking historical requests data, advance requests, special events, request type information etc to forecast data using Microsoft Azure ML with R time series algorithms.

Adjusting advanced requests with adjusted forecast model. Also taking into the account of special events & holidays. This will help predicting service requests to better manage, optimize the resources to meet Customer SLA.

The solution able to forecast the number of requests expected for the next two weeks and next 24 hours and also breaks down by various levels, locations in details. This will enable attendees to quickly pick up the requests in near location and attend within the SLA time.

Accuracy's Forecast as a Service provides daily, monthly,weekly, hourly or sub-hourly.

Forecasts are updated continually to support scheduling.

Prediction data can be exported to CSV, allowing Data Analyst and Decisions Makers use it in other data analysis tools.

Our dashboard includes PM, NPM, Onduty porter, Expected and Active jobs, Block and Level wise PM and NPM jobs, based on timings it will display PM and NPM jobs