Digitalized Health Platform

This application could be developed in 3 - platforms “Android” , “iOS” & "Web" to promote the best health service in any kind of medical platform. It enables the doctors to effectively communicate with their patients and aid them analyzing health perfomance on a reggular basis. It could be basically subscription based doctor, patient health management application. Key


  • Integrated external devices into the client apps to capture health parameters from “BP Monitor”, “Health Scale”, “Fitbit” and “Smart Band” devices.
  • Integration of payment gateway to collect subscription amount from their subscribers.
  • Integrated “Firebase Push Notification” service to trigger latest news, tips, and announcements notifications from hospital through admin.
  • Day wise, Weekly and monthly health analysis data is shown to the subscriber in both textual & charts format for quick understanding.
  • Subscribers can able to request appointments to their respective doctors.
  • Users (Subscribers & Doctors) can able to send feedback to medical management through their apps.
  • Doctors can analyze the subscriber’s health reports, performance through his app module every time subscriber visits them thereby specifying new medication to their subscribers.