We can help you switch to a modern, perhaps more cost-effective, database engine than the one you are running now.

Managed migration of your db server, including patching, and error reporting.

You can migrate from any of the supported data sources to any of the supported data targets.We support fully heterogeneous data migrations between the supported engines.

Migrate at scale from multiple sources to your target database.

Designed as a seamless, end-to-end solution for moving on-premises,vps hosted databases databases to the cloud and vice-versa.

We perform post migrations tests to sustain integrity of your data at scale.

Data Migration Tool can be used for:

  • Data migration from a SQL database or 50+ other structured databases
  • Data synchronization with any third-party
  • Data import from a number of systems simultaneously
  • Integration of separate systems
  • Who benefits from our offer:

  • Management: increasing ROI and saving time
  • Can help you do more with fewer resources and cost
  • Integrated solutions prevent missing opportunities and allow for a wider picture of resources distribution
  • Organisation that cares about building solutions rather than its setup and maintainance.
  • IT department: unloading of manual migration burden and separated systems support and upgrade
  • Tools used:

  • Talend
  • DMS for AZURE
  • DMS for AWS
  • Other integrated open source tools